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Italian popular gestures

Here is a power point about how Italian say things through their hands and body language in different cultures.


Media Club - article published on the school magazine of Lousada-Portugal

"Com Pias e Cabeça" - our school magazine, which has been awarded a national prize for the third time!

The text below was published on its last edition...

Italy's most popular gestures

Have fun looking at our most popular gestures!

As agreed in Munich with Reyhan and Matthias , Ines and Angelica from the media club in Turin collected some of Italy's most used gestures, this is part of an amusing comparison between ways of behaving in different countries...you can find an articles with photos in our magazine!!

If you want, send us yours...we can publish them together in a sticker album next year!

Ciao from Ines, Angelica and their class!

"digital folder" of the IVG 1 Turin


"digital folder" Munich

Cooperation Contract
IVG I (Media/Journalism, Creating a banner/logo/…) Munich

Videoconference Munich - Turin / Media club / Topic: LOGO and FLYER

Hello Media Club Turin,

we would like to plan a videoconference next week. We have dates for the videoconference. The first date could be on Tuesday 22th March 2011 afternoon. The topics will be: LOGO and FLYER Please inform us about the date.

We are looking forward to seeing and hearing you!

Media Club / Munich



This is the result of our advisement for the SCENA logo. The definition of our idea you will get in Lousada.

Be surprised.

Greetings from Munich.

Holiday Çanakkale

Sun, 01/30/2011 (All day) - Sun, 02/13/2011 (All day)

Half-year holidays in Çanakkale

Media Club Munich

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