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Hello everyone,

we are some students from Turin, we belong to IVGs 2 (travel club) and 4 (music club) and we would like to tell you how enthusiastic we are about our visit to Poland!

IVG7 Teachers´s Meeting - Ribeira 27/1/2012

Teachers from Portugal and Spain met at Ribeira-Galiza to coordinate the activities of IVG7 - Maths Club.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year from Turin

Girls from Turin Eco Club want to say you their best wishes for Christmas.

Skype debate Turin - Heerde 30/11/2011

Debate Ribeira/Spain – Heerde/Netherlands   30/11/2011

Debate Parma - Heerde 28/11/2011

Report - Skype videoconference – 28th November 2011

Photos are from dutch students in Heerde

 Istituto Giordani of Parma and Christelijk College of Noordgouw

Business ethics

Course description

Economic activity is often understood to be free of social and ethical responsibilities. Why this view can be criticized in any case, and how business and ethics can be thought together shall be examined in this course.

Music club Turin 2011-12

We are the Turin Music Club. We are 9 people from 3 different classes, our names are: Riccardo, Doriano, Stefano, Katia, Ylenia, Angela, Angie, Daniele and Gianmario.

We want to create a couple of songs , play them and have fun.

Debate club in Turin

Hello guys! My name is Andrea, I’m the coordinator of the debate club in Turin.

This three subjects are my colleagues.

Riccardo is the “tall man”, the one who can look at giraffes in the eyes!!!

Doriano is the “little man” the one who can talk in the rats ears!!!

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