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IVG 6 meeting Parma february 2012.

Story by Ymkje and Elke

Our trip to Parma, Italy.

Heerde/Munich meeting january 2012. Read the article of two Dutch students Kirtsen and Geraly

Two weeks before we went to Munich, we were asked to join this project about Business Ethic: called: Comenius- project. We made articles about 3 different topics:

Skype-debate Turin- Ribeira and Turin-Heerde


Debate Turin - Ribeira and Turin-Heerde on 1.2.12


Skype video conference Heerde - Munich 12/01/2012

Today students of the business ethics courses (IVG 9) from Heerde and Munich had their first skype videoconference together.


Maths Club April 2012 - Portuguese students visit Ribeira

Our common song: FREE MINDS, OPEN HEARTS

 Free Minds open Hearts


Everybody says that everything must be ok.

But this story is taking me away

Step by step, day by day

I will never be the same. I will never be afraid

How many times I was feeling wrong

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