Maths Club April 2012 - Portuguese students visit Ribeira


I liked the visit to Ribeira, Spain very much. It’s a beautiful place with a lot of things to do. In Spain we did a lot of activities: we did a peddy-papper with a lot of maths games, we had a boat trip in the sea and after we visited Santiago de Compostela. In the maths games we played with some Spanish people some different games like: coin games, counts, games of calculation... In my opinion it was very good to be in Spain.

Beatriz Oliveira e Sousa

I loved Ribeira! It was ... spectacular, especially the part of the mathematical peddy paper, involving both mind and body. I also liked the place where we slept and the fantastic places we visited. This is why I think everyone should visit Ribeira and continue with the Comenius project.

José Pedro Leal

On 24th, 25th, 26th and 27th April we went to Ribeira-Galicia in Spain. The days I spent there were great, fun and full of activities. One of the activities we did related to the Maths subject was a mathematical peddy paper on the beach next to the school. We had to make many calculations and exercises. On the other days other types of activities were made such as: a photo contest, a boat trip and walks along the beach.The stay was also good. Overall I really enjoyed everything.

Daniel Rego

I liked the days we spent in Spain because we met new people and had lot of funny maths activities. During the peddy paper I had the opportunity to think and do some challenges. We had moments of friendship, calculation, knowledge, among several things that made those unforgettable days.

Ana Cunha

I loved to stay in Spain. Spain is a beautiful country and we had the opportunity to visit some great places.The beach was great however the weather didn't allow us to enjoy it.The place where we stayed was nice. We did a peddy-paper with a lot of questions about Math. On the last night we had dinner with our Spanish friends. In those days I learned a lot of things.

José Pedro Carvalho


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