Ribeira Meeting april 2012


Comenius Project- meeting in Spain, 2012 
Different IVGs form around Europe have had many interactions during the past year. Therefore a final meeting was planned in Ribeira, Spain to show each other what we have done the past few weeks and what we have accomplished.
This is a report from the Dutch students about the meeting in Spain.
On Monday the 16th we had to get up around 4 AM (!) because our plane to Barcelona would leave early as well. We had a nice flight to Barcelona, and there we had a transfer flight to Santiago de Compostela. When we arrived in Santiago de Compostella we already met the German students, because we shared the same bus!
When we arrived at the hotel it was about 4 PM, so the total trip lasted for about twelve hours in total. Monday no particular activities were planned, so we were the rest from the day off. Until supper of course! We had a typical Galician meal and we met the other students that had arrived.
On Tuesday we were given time to prepare our presentations for the next day. This took about four hours. The next event was that we were shown the school in Ribeira, and the head master and the principal of the school were present too. Also one student played bagpipes for us, that was very nice indeed! This event even reached the local news paper, and television! After we visited the school, we had a nice lunch in a national park. Thereafter we had a nice boat trip on the coast of Ribeira. There we were shown how the mussels were caught and we even got to taste some for ourselves! There was a very nice atmosphere, and we really enjoyed it!
That evening we also visited the Mayor of Ribeira. To our surprise he didn’t speak English, but he managed to bring his message forward with help from Ollegario.
There was some free time before dinner, and everybody visited a pub or a café to watch the soccer match between Bayern Munich against Barcelona. That was a lot of fun too!
After this we had a lovely dinner at a nice restaurant in the centre.
On Wednesday we held our presentations in front of all the students and teachers. It was a big event! Everyone did there very best! There was lots of variation in the presentations. Afterwards we had a sightseeing tour around the seaside and Ribeira. The weather was very stormy, but it still was a lot of fun! In the evening we had a nice dinner in the countryside of Ribeira.
The next day, Thursday, we went to Santiago de Compostela. We visited the dome and afterwards we had some free time to eat something, buy some souvenirs etc. That evening we had a final dinner together in a luxurious restaurant. After dinner some musicians came in and played Galician folk music for us,  followed by a DJ. So the party could go on!  It was a very successful day. 
On Friday everyone left one by one, so we had to say goodbye to our new friends. All in all it was a wonderful week which we will never forget.
By: Elke Berghuis and Rosalie Willemsen

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