Portuguese impressions about the trip to Turin - Eco Club - April 2012

"Italy is such a nice place. I loved Turin. I really liked the activities which took place there. What I really liked  the most was the cinema museum. The activities that were implemented  in the school were very fun.The Comenius meeting  was very interesting and I think it was very funny, I saw beautiful places and I met unforgettable people."

Ana Cristina Bessa Silva, 8ºF

I liked going to Italy to make new friends from other countries. When we arrived to Turin it was amazing. On the next day we met the Germans, the Spanish, the Italians! For me this trip was unforgettable. I enjoyed the visit to the museum of the cinema.

Helena 8ºB

It was around 8 in the morning on 14 February 2012 when a group of sleepy students headed for the check-in to start an adventure in Turin. When we got there we saw a very cosmopolitan city, where you could feel the stress of an European city. For me, this was an extremely enriching journey at many levels, such as the work developed between Turin, Lousada and Munich; the contact with other cultures and cultural knowledge from visiting one of the largest cities in Italy. The days spent there were not just about entertainment but also about working on comparing the surveys applied to several cities with IVG 3 “Eco-Club”. The contact with other people was very enriching because we all had to speak a common language - English, since we had all meals together. At a cultural level, I had the chance to get to know all the interesting spots in the city of Turin such as the Cinema Museum, the Royal Palace, the Egyptian Museum…

This trip will stay in my mind forever. 

António Pedro, 9ºD

I really loved Italy. The cinema museum was awesome and really special, I think that the cinema museum was the best thing. But I loved the Egyptian museum too. So, as you can see I had a lot of fun in Italy. One of my favorite things was being with my friends and chat with them, they are everything to me!

Mariana Carneiro, 8ºF


My name is Elisa Sequeira and I was selected to go to Italy to represent the Club of Friends of Green. I think this school trip was very rewarding because we could meet other students from various countries and also from various clubs. The city itself is very beautiful and has  fabulous restaurants as well as fabulous places to visit. I love Italy and I hope to repeat such an experience one day.

Elisa Sequeira, 8ºF


The trip that Escola Secundária de Lousada made with the Comenius Project, made possible the development of the work initiated on the previous year (1st year of the Project) which aims to compare the behavior towards the environment of the people of the 3 partner schools (Turin, Munich and Lousada). This meeting allowed in a very active way the reflexion, awareness and exchange of ideas between students and teachers about environmental behaviours.

The teachers of the school of Turin – Instituto Albe Steiner - who so warmly received us, also made possible an excellent visit to the city of Turin. We could visit typical restaurants in order to get to know their food and monuments like the Egyptian Museum, the Cinema Museum, the Royal Palace so that we could know more about their history and culture. It was a very enriching trip.

Teacher Ana Maria Ferreira   



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