Hello everyone,

we are some students from Turin, we belong to IVGs 2 (travel club) and 4 (music club) and we would like to tell you how enthusiastic we are about our visit to Poland!

We spent 3 full days (6-8 March) with our Polish and our Italian friends from Parma and it was just great! The three days were very well organized: we visited a wonderful planetarium and an interactive science museum, we went to the magnificent royal castle. However, what we appreciated most was the fact that we were a small group and really got to know each other really well!! It's a pleasant atmosphere when the group is small.. For the project, in the music club we created and played our song at last, our common song, it was not easy at all, but at last we managed! As for the travel club, we cooked a few recipes, Italian and Polish, during a very enjoyable afternoon. By the way...Warsaw is simply beautiful! A bit cold maybe, but a real beauty, and so was the hostel where we spent the three days.

Thank you friends for welcoming us so well, we'll be back some time... 

Angela, Valentina, Simone, Riccardo, Doriano, Bruno from Turin

Angela, Valentina, Simone, Riccardo, Doriano, Bruno from Turin

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