Our common song: FREE MINDS, OPEN HEARTS

 Free Minds open Hearts


Everybody says that everything must be ok.

But this story is taking me away

Step by step, day by day

I will never be the same. I will never be afraid

How many times I was feeling wrong

But now I know that I can be so strong

I wanna make this love, I wanna lots of hope

I wanna see the world



Like a big power

Like a big dream

You can live forever

If your heart is free

We will sing every hour

Every day and every year

Your heart

Has never been so free


All I need is open heart

But so many people, still so blind

What do you think

We are under the same sky

I don’t know how, I don’t know why

I’m looking for the right harmony




We want to make one thing, we want to make one home

Home for our kids and home for us

Create something special not the land of dust

So open your heart and open your eyes

Look around now and put off your mind

Cause I feel so close to everyone, to everybody



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