FInal Skype debate before Ribeira between Turin and Heerde


Wednesday, 28th of March 2012
Today we had a debate with our partners in Turino. There were three theses which we debated about:
- Immigration from non- EU countries should be limited more.
- Euthanasia should be legal
- Mobile phones should be banned from schools.
We started around the clock of three and both of the schools had good arguments. Unfortunately the sound was bad every now and then and in the last part of our debate we couldn’t see the students in Turino. But overall we can say that the debate was a success.
First up was the thesis ‘Mobile phones should be banned from schools’. We were in favour of the thesis, Turino was against. We said that mobile phones just disturb lessons and that they are absolutely unnecessary at school. Social media is not needed when you’re in a classroom full of people. Turino on the other hand, said that mobile phones are very important in case of emergency. Your parents should be able to reach you immediately if grandfather dies for example. We didn’t really agree with that since your parents can also call your headmaster for example who will tell you. And for other quick calls you could install some payphones in the school hall for example. Turino also mentioned that banning phones will not stop inattention during lessons. Students will just look for other distractions. School can’t ban everything that’s distracting right? At last we mentioned that one of our teachers, Gert van Norel, was in the papers because he threw an iPhone(!!!) out of the window because the student did not want to put it away. The Turino people were very surprised that we had such a crazy teacher at our school ;)
Second was the thesis ‘Euthanasia should be legal’. In Holland, euthanasia is allowed while in Italy, it is not. So we thought it would be fun if we were actually against the thesis, and Turino for. Turino started to state that you shouldn’t let someone suffer who is very ill. We however, said that you can’t play for God. And, you are never sure that someone will never ever recover. Medical miracles happen every now and then. Turino said that it’s your own life and that you yourself should be up to make the decision. We brought forward the dilemma when someone is in a coma and cannot decide for him- of herself anymore. Should someone else decide for him then? Not in our opinion, but Turino thought otherwise.
The one-on-one thesis was ‘Immigration from non-EU countries should be limited more’. We were against this thesis. Most of our arguments were based on the fact that this immigrants are good for our economy. The cheaper employees are, the easier it is for someone to start a new company, which is great is these hard times. Also mentioned was that the immigrants do work that we West-European people are not willing to do. For example, work that makes you dirty or work that is very boring. The arguments from Turino in favour of the thesis, were mostly based on the trouble that immigrants can cause. They brought forward that a lot of immigrants have alcohol problems, this can result into dangerous situations on the road. Also mentioned were the major differences in culture and that a lot of immigrants turn into criminals.
We thought it was a rather nice debate and we are looking forward to seeing all of you in Spain.
Cheers guys!

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