EU connecting people

Since the old days, peoples had to communicate with each other. In the stone age, our great-great…great-grandfathers “talk” using scream or single letters – but they didn’t call it “letters”.



After that epoch, they used fires, drums or something to call their tribesman’s in urgent cases.


When our great- grandfathers learned how to communicate using own voice, conversation with someone was more easier than ever. But it was good when our caller was nearby us. What when he was in the other country or continent?



In that case people use post and sent the letters. It was slow, cause “postman” had to delivered the message by himself, but anyone could connect with someone in other town or country without travel to that place.

In XIX century, Meucci and Bell create a telephone – a device, that was more easier to connect than the post or courier. Mankind started to “came closer” far countries and lands using a telephone. Our big world began to be smaller than ever. This allows each of our ancestors who could speak only wanted, even if the caller was on the other end of the world. With the discover and development of the Internet, communication between people has become even easier with the resulting variety of chat rooms and programs to communicate, such as Gadu – Gadu and Skype.

Ease of communication began to approach everyone – young and old, rich and poor – everyone can talk at home with their family from the other end of Europe or, for example, from the USA. Also, in our united Europe, communication between people has become easier, thanks to EU. In the European Union we can freely exchange our views with other people from other countries, we have access to information about culture and society of our neighbours from other EU countries. This makes it easier to get along with each other, together we can solve our problems and quickly develop solutions that make our common Europe will be more friendly to us and our loved ones. We owe it was simpler communication, greater access to facilities and programs to facilitate communication with each other.

In a word – EU connecting people.

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