Jochen Ostheimer


Name: Dr. Jochen Ostheimer

Position: Lecturer for „Christian Social Ethics” at the LMU Munich.





Mr. Ostheimer mentioned at first that sustainability comes from the field of forest. A forester saw that cutting of trees leads to an unsustainable situation as trees do not just grow as fast as they are cut. We can generalise this to many other fields, that we use more and faster than we can produce.


Should we always tell the truth?

It is in the nature of companies to just tell their positive points in order to be competitive in the market and not to mention their bad points of producing. For example they never would mention that children in third world countries produce for them in such bad conditions. Nevertheless he also mentions that child work is depending on the culture of a country, because they have to raise money to support their family.


People’s purchasing behaviour

He also mentioned that, if costumers should buy fewer products, companies need to reduce their production. Costumers need to reduce their purchasing behaviour as they actually buy too much. Especially things they often do not consume and therefore throw it away.

So if we change our purchasing behaviour, the companies cannot go on with producing so much and need to reduce their production. If that happens there will be less child work.


We are the future

It all starts with us. We are the future, because we are young and can afford more sustainable and expensive products, because we are more educated and can get higher positions in the market. And if we start it and let our children do the same as we do, companies would produce more and more ethological.


Our opinion

We think that Mister Ostheimer is right with his opinion that we are the future. And in that case the celebrities who live now are a role model for us. And some of them already are changing their purchasing behaviour, for example some buy an electric car. So there is a start, and because they are a role model, we will follow their purchasing behaviour and start a more sustainable future. We also think that the government should invest in companies to produce more sustainable products, because if they will not, only a few companies will. This is because of the price competition. And if we do not buy the products we do not use or do not need, we could buy for the same money more sustainable products. We are the generation who have to put it in our lives like it is part of us and we have to teach our children to do the same to get a better global community.


Lotte Nitert, Eleni Anagnoste & Thijs Krukkert

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