Nina Burmeister


Name: Nina Burmeister

Position: Head of Strategic Controlling of Marc O'Polo International GmbH, Stephanskirchen



Main Statements:
  • Against children working
  • The company is member of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) and cares about different social and ecological aspects.
  • Years ago the factories produced their stuff with polyester but Marc O’Polo wanted to do a different thing and produced their clothes with cotton.
  • They have an own organic product line.

Critical Evaluation: 
  • Organic products are too expensive for many people.
  • The mind of many people is changing but they don’t buy so many ecological products because they aren’t so popular at the moment.
  • In our opinion the companies don’t lie but if something is bad in their company in the way they produce something or things like that, they just don’t talk about it. And that’s very bad so we don’t know very important things about them.

Francesca Di Gennaro, Janine Röslhuber, Jenny Ritz, Kirsten Kolk



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