Willi Pfaff


Name: Willi Pfaff

Position: Manager and Owner of the VollCorner Biomarkt GmbH



  • started in 1988 his first VollCorner shop in Munich
  • the reason why: he was interested and impressed of the spiritual way of living
  • during a meeting from bio-shop owner he met Birgit Neumann, who is now his wife
  • now they are together the owners of VollCorner
  • Willi Pfaff creates new concepts and thinks about new ideas
  • Birgit Neumann takes care about the shops, she orders and looks after the products, she also good at design and marketing


The person himself is the most important thing in his concept. 


Main Statements
-          local products
-          fair-trade
-          well-paid jobs
-          good working atmosphere
-          focused on a small group of customers
-          against nuclear power (support renewable energy)
Critical evaluation

We thought that his concept works very good in the market because he grows every year, he is the owner and the manager from one of the biggest bio- shops, in Munich. He is not only good for the environment, but he also wants good paid jobs for his employees and focuses to make his concept better and better.

Max, Stephanie, Samira, Geraly



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