Report written by Parma students about the meeting with the Dutch


Parma students
Our experience of cultural exchange started with debates on the Web. At first we were all excited, then, little by little, the tension broke up and everything became more natural. But we really wanted to meet the girls, not only on Skype!
At last we had the pleasure of meeting the Dutch group, in Italy in our school where we had the opportunity to debate face to face and it really was much more exciting. At the beginning it was difficult to understand what they were saying because they spoke very fast but after three days our communication was better. We took the Dutch girls around the school, we showed all our classrooms and facilities. They showed us photos of their school and we spoke about our school systems. They were very nice and friendly, they even brought us some delicious buiscuits from Holland! It was easy to make friends because we shared a lot of time together. We visited Parma, we went to a typical restaurant, we went to Milano where we saw a fresco by Leonardo…
But the best challenge was the last day when we had the final debate, group vs. group or one vs. one. We also split into mixed group with Italian and Dutch people and worked together. It was great fun and also learned a lot because tried to speak a lot.
Before saying goodbye we exchanged our facebook addresses and now we can go on sending messages and chatting.
It was the first time we had foreign students in our school and it was a great experience because we had fun, met new people and learned so much in a different way.

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