Debate Heerde - Turin


Heerde, Wednesday the 1st of February,
Today we had a skype conference with the Turino group. This time we were with our full team consisting of ten persons. This was because the Parma group suffered from some bad weather conditions over there. We have debated about four theses: “Being famous is heaven”, “School should be fulltime”, “Alcohol limit should be raised to 21” and “Marriage is no longer necessary in modern society”. Three of the theses were group debates and one of them, “School should be fulltime”, was a one-on-one debate. It was quite fun to debate with each other and we think that we had a debate on a high level with the Turino group. Of course  it helped that the theses were very up-to-date. Perhaps it was a bit unfair that we were with ten persons, but that made it easy to keep the debate going with fresh arguments. That’s what it’s all about right? Unfortunately, we had some sound problems that occasionally made it very hard for the Turino group to hear us. But despite having to do some yelling in the microphone every now and then, we still had a very descent debate. We are looking forward to meeting each other in Parma and Ribeira. Thanks Torino!

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