Heerde/Munich meeting january 2012. Read the article of two Dutch students Kirtsen and Geraly

Two weeks before we went to Munich, we were asked to join this project about Business Ethic: called: Comenius- project. We made articles about 3 different topics:

-         The problems about the banks and the bonuses of the board.
-         Economy and Environment: European Emission Requirements
-         Corporate Social Responsibility

We exchanged these articles on the mail, and after that we had a Skype conference about our articles. It was also the first time we ‘met’ each other.


After that we went on the 25th January to Munich to meet them and talk and discuss about economic ethics, our subject was: Sustainability.
The day we arrived we joined a penal discussion in the school. There were 4 persons from different companies and they were talked about their opinions of sustainability. The persons were:
-          Willi Pfaff, CEO and owner of VollCorner Biomarkt GmbH, Munich
-         Nina Burmeister, Head of Strategic Controlling of Marc O'Polo International GmbH, Stephanskirchen
-         Dr. Jochen Ostheimer, Lecturer of Social Ethics at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich
-         Marlen Rürup, Senior Analyst of oekom research AG, Munich
This was kind of a debate with the German students.
In the afternoon we had some free time and we had a tour around the City, it was very nice and we saw a lot of lovely buildings.
The next day we went to the school again and discussed about the penal discussion and our opinions about Sustainability. We split up in little groups and made a ‘steckbrief’ from the four persons who where there. After that we went with the German students to the City and they showed us Munich from their sight. This was a great opportunity to learn more about each other. In the evening we went to a ‘Brauhaus’ and we had a tool over there.
The last day we made a presentation for the meeting in Spain.
We went home at 27th January.It was all a great experience for us, and we had absolutely a great time. We learnt a lot about sustainability and the city Munich and it was also very good for our English and German.
We want to say thank you very much to all the people who were there with us for the great time we had in Munich.

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