Skype-debate Turin- Ribeira and Turin-Heerde


Debate Turin - Ribeira and Turin-Heerde on 1.2.12


We were very happy to stay at school that afternoon because we had the chance to confront the other pupils from other countries. We met the Spanish pupils at 2.00 p.m. and the Dutch pupils at 3.00. Unfortunately we had some problems with the connection: with Spain the sound came and went and we started writing to each the end we managed to discuss only one topic and then it was time for them to go home! We hope we will be luckier next time in March! After a short break it was our Dutch friends' turn: the connection was better and steady but the sound was very low...anyway we managed.

We discussed various topics: "Marriage is no longer necessary in modern society", "The age of alcohol consumption should be raised to 21", "Being famous is heaven", and "School should be full time". Maybe the most debated was the first. We very worried with both teams as we were only 3, but we managed anyway to support our theses.

We were happy to meet the students and their teachers, the situation was pleasant as there were also moments of laughter and dancing.

If the debates were all so enjoyable, all students would join this club!

Greetings from Italy

Jessica and Andrea from the debate club

(we will come to Ribeira in April...shall we have a debate there??)

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