Skype debate Turin - Heerde 30/11/2011

Debate Ribeira/Spain – Heerde/Netherlands   30/11/2011

Today the debating group from the Noordgouw Heerde had a debate with the debating group from Ribiera, Spain.
It started on time, so that was a good start! Unfortunately we did have a few technical complications in Holland with the sound quality out of Spain, so it was quite hard to hear the arguments from the participants from Ribiera. What we could see were the reactions from the other debating group, which was very funny . So the view was ok and it was very much fun to do speaking as a participant!
We discussed the following topic:
‘The age of alcohol consumption should be raised to the age of 21’
Due to lack of time from the participants from the debating group from Spain, we could only discuss one topic, but overall it was very much fun to do, and educating as well! Spain was in favor of the theses and we were against. We tried to knock down our opponent by good arguments but the Spanish used interesting and good debating techniques too!
Debate Turin/Italy – Heerde/Netherlands   30/11/2011
Today the debating group from the Netherlands debated with the debating group from Italy, Turin, as well! (so we did actually two debates)
When we first started, we did have view on de participants from Turin, but suddenly we lost sight of them and it didn’t come back, due to certain mechanical problems. Fortunately we could hear them very clearly! So the debate went on, and we discussed about three topics, namely:
‘Homosexuals are not allowed to marry or adopt children’
 ‘Severe punishment is the best way to reduce criminality’
‘Social media like facebook, twitter and MSN are useful to make friends’
The first two topics we discussed group to group and the last one, one participant from Holland debated against someone from the debating group from Italy.This debate worked out very well and we had a serious debate with good arguments, though it would be nice to have view the next time! We thank everybody for their participation!

a message from the Turin debate club

It was a great experience for us. We had a pleasant conversation exchange. It wasn’t easy to support the arguments, where we were against.

We are amazed by dutch people’s preparation. They were so good and friendly to us.

Unfortunatley, we had technical problema, but they didn’t stop us!

We are very curious to meet them in Spain soon.

Thanks to everyone for this debate club! Can’t wait for the next!

Andrea & Doriano

if you want to have an idea of our anxiety and emotions while debating, have a look at this link:




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