Debate Parma - Heerde 28/11/2011

Report - Skype videoconference – 28th November 2011

Photos are from dutch students in Heerde

 Istituto Giordani of Parma and Christelijk College of Noordgouw


Yesterday we had the first videoconference with our partners from Holland. We were very excited because didn’t know each other and it was the first time we could speak with other people in a videoconference.


We had an introduction first. Everybody said his name and the reasons why we took part in this project. And then…. the debate!


Our first subject to debate was “Junk food is good”. We spoke against this thesis. In fact we really are against this type of food because it’s unhealthy and it’s bad. It can cause a lot of illnesses such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and cancer. It’s addictive because it’s tasty but it’s high in salt, sugar and fat contents and when you eat junk food you put on weight.

 It’s not cheap for what you eat because the quality of food is poor and if you often eat in fast food restaurants you really spend a lot of money. In Italy we have a tradition of slow food  and the mediterranean diet includes a lot of fresh vegetables and fruit and a dish of pasta with vegetables is cheap and contains a lot of vitamines.


Our second subject to discuss was “Students have got to wear a school uniform”. We were in favour.

In fact we think that with a uniform there is less social difference, less discrimination because all students are equal. No one can criticize anyone and there is less bullism.

With a uniform students have more respect for thier school; sometimes students wear provocative clothes like miniskirts or shorts and on the contrary uniforms are decent. We think that we can express our personality in different ways even if you wear a uniform; and if you are used to it you don’t care.

You are at school to learn, not to wear fashion clothes. And it’s cheaper to buy a uniform beause you buy only one and you can also rent it.

And you don’t have to choose your clothes in the morning and you can get up a bit later!






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