Business ethics

Course description

Economic activity is often understood to be free of social and ethical responsibilities. Why this view can be criticized in any case, and how business and ethics can be thought together shall be examined in this course.

Contents of the course:

  • Different ethical concepts (not necessarily specific to business/economics) in order to see what can be a moral point of view,
  • Examples of economic concepts (as: the idea of Homo oeconomicus or the Pareto principle or Utilitarism) an criticism from a moral point of view,
  • Concepts of business ethics to discuss the question whether ethics is applied to business/economic or both is integrated,
  • Where do people act ethically in business/economic situations – (best) practice examples: acting as consumer, as private capital investor/saver and in a professional situation as employee or employer,
  • A psychological view on moral development.


Related to the course there will be a public panel discussion on Sustainability on 25. January 2012 in the gym of our school in Munich.

From 25.-27. January 2012 there will also be a workshop business ethics in Munich with students from the participating schools in Heerde and Munich.

Manfred Köhler, Munich



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