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"Com Pias e Cabeça" - our school magazine, which has been awarded a national prize for the third time!

The text below was published on its last edition...

The purpose of this small article is to highlight the importance of the Comenius project for our school and our students and to make a balance of the activities that have occurred up to the present.
The school year 2010/2011 was the first of the two in which our school participates in the Comenius Project – SCENA “FREE MINDS, OPEN HEARTS” (Student Center Network of Extra-curricular Activities). At this moment, we couldn’t feel happier and more fulfilled with the results. In fact, it exceeded all the expectations we had in the first place.
There was a teachers’ meeting in Munich in December 2010 to organise all the work and to meet the partners of the different countries/schools. Then, there was an enormously successful general meeting in the beginning of April in Lousada with teachers and students working together, having fun, socialising and getting to know a bit more about the culture of the host country. After that, in the end of April students and teachers from Spain (Ribeira) came to Lousada to accomplish the works of the first part of Maths IVG mobility and finally, in the end of May students and teachers from Lousada went to Ribeira for the last part of the Maths IVG mobility. In the meanwhile, there were some video-conferences of the Eco-Club of Lousada with Turin/Italy and Munich/Germany and the sharing of emails between all the members of the different IVGs*.
This project has been a unique experience and has offered the students and teachers involved in it the most amazing memories and learning opportunities. I must say that our partners are awesome: Germany, Poland, Holland, Turkey, Italy (Turin and Parma) and Spain are simply the best partners in the world because of their professionalism and commitment to the project! Moreover, they are already our friends as well, because of the huge warmth and outstanding human qualities they have and that we had the privilege of feeling and sharing during their stay in Portugal!
Thank you to all my colleagues at school, students and friends who make this project such an awesome success here and abroad! Thank you to all our international partners for being so wonderfully professional and amazing human beings! Thank you Mr Anton Schicker for your guidance, support and friendship!
This project continues in September with new meetings and memorable experiences.
*IVG – International Virtual Group
Filipa Pinto

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