Meeting of IVG 4 Turin - Parma on 26th May 2011!



We left Porta Nuova station at 8.20 and arrived in Parma at 10.40.

On arrival we were greeted by Silvia, the English teacher at the Pietro Giordani    Institute.

We went ona a short  tour of the school and we finally got to the library to discuss the future plans for the music club in the Comenius project.

We scheduled as follows:

More proposals were discussed but the most voted was: creating a piece of music with words (no cover). Topic (key words): Europe, travelling, yonug people, school, friendship, getting to know each other.

PLANNING of music club

by the end of June creating a scheme for the song (style, number of stanzas, lines and stresses) (Turin)

-from end of June to the beginning of October submitting lyrics and a title to Turin and by 15th October we will vote the best 3 stanzas (Turin, Parma, Poland)

by the end of November setting the melodic line (Parma)

by end of January finding the arrangements and playing it (Turin, Poland?)

by beginning of February singing it! (Parma, Turin, Poland?)

March: live performance in Poland? (If the Polish crowd will want us to visit them!)

Other live performances will follow whenever possible (Spain 2012)

After visiting some museums like “the house of sounds” in Parma, churches and monuments, of which we took lots of pictures, we returned home exhausted from walking.

Thank you studente and teachers at GIORDANI for hosting us and showing us the beauty of Parma.

Finally, we wish to thank prof.CERRUTI for this new experience .

Angela, Gianmario, Estefania, Riccardo, Stefano from the Turin music club




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