Motivation for the project

Presentation about the motivation. When Mr. Bakker first told us about the SCENA project, we were curious and immediately interested. It sounded like a fun and education project. After a few times when Mr. Bakker explained us what the content of SCENA is and told us more and more of the possibilities what we were going to do ( like having a debate trough skype ) we were certain we wanted to be a part of the SCENA project! When we began for the first time, we started to make theses for debate . After we exchanged our theses with Turkey and Italy, the teachers choose the most controversial theses and we started to practice them. On the way we started to realise that we liked to debate with other students from Europe. On top off that this is also very good for our English. We must now speak English in practice and we are more able to say what we want to say. Not something that is written in a book! Also a good thing about this whole project is that we are learning form other cultures and educational evironments. Last but not least it is always fun to meet new people! We are looking forward to see everyone in Portugal to learn all the students and teachers better and talk to each other in real life without skype. Lovely greetings, Lineke Oegema, Thijs Krukkert, Eline kooiman, Yoni Kleiboer, Sophie Karsijns, Sophieke van Beek, Sophie van der Scheer, Marielle van Noorel, Judith Fix, Maddeleen Hop and Bodine van Houten

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