Results of music survey from IVG 4




1.         How many hours a day do you listen to music?

            50% of the students of Comenius, listen music for more than two hours a day.

                37.5% listen music for 1 or 2 hours.

            13.9% listen music less than 1 hour.

2.                  Can you play a musical instrument? If yes, which one?
             The majority of students said that they can’t play any musical instruments.
             A small number of them can, mostly piano and guitar.
3.                  Which of the two are you more interested in? Lyrics or melody?
             65.3% said that: in the songs they listen to melody is more important than lyrics
                  34.7% declare the opposite.
4.                  Which of the two do you prefer? Lyrics in your own language or lyrics in English?
              In this question, the difference is minimal. 46.4% prefer lyrics in their own language
              53.6% prefer lyrics in English. 
5.                  Which of the two do you do more often? Buy cds or download music?
             88.7 download music from Internet, 11.3% buy CDs
6.       What is your favourite band or singer of all times?
           In this question the answers were very differnt. So this diagram will show the most                          popular names:


7.                  Do you sing or play in a band? If yes, what type of music/songs?
25.4 per cent of students play or sing in a band, 74.6% don’t.
8.       What is your favourite song or music piece of all times?
  It is difficult to answer this question, because of the huge variety of the answers. Mostly, the   songs mentioned are pop music, and hip hop.
9.                  Where do you listen to music?
            Most of the people said they listen to music at home and on public transport. Other 
           places of  interest are: a friend's house, discos and pubs.
10.              How important is music in your life? (from 1 to 10)
            On a scale from 1 to 10, users evaluate the music at very high levels. Mainly by a                       vote of 8 to 10.
            Although here too there is a huge diversity of views especially on the low levels, and it
          would be interesting to know why .


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