"As Italians are seen abroad"

As Italians are seen abroad
We are still associated with those poor illiterate peasants at the beginning of the twentieth century left the southern regions, especially Sicily, and embarked for the United States. In the eyes of foreigners, in Italy are all or mafia or pizza, away from the stress of city life.
Not to mention the publicity that we made with the trash emergency.

The food in Italy, as well as in other Mediterranean countries, is renowned worldwide for its variety and quality of its products. For example, the pizza is a product that now exists in almost all over the world, is Generally considered a native dish of Italian cuisine, and especially in Naples and spaghetti are a type of long thin pasta is the most famous dish of Italian cuisine.

Abroad envy to us for our cultural heritage and artistic monuments such as the Colosseum, the Leaning Tower of Pisa cities such as Venice (Venice is widely considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world) and Rome (and the city with the most high concentration of historical and architectural property in the world, is the only city in the world to accommodate internally a foreign state, the enclave of Vatican City).


Here are some stereotypes about Italians abroad:


The Italian was seen by the Germans extra large sunglasses, one or two phones in hand and a stylus always impeccable.

The typical Italian-American for Americans a
nd one that gestures, speak loudly, brings gold necklaces, use too much gel and acts like a Latin lover.
Australians instead looks with horror on the driving style of the Italians neurotic-convulsive.

Other Italian stereotypes : men spend a lot of time on their appearances; everyone is beautiful; they eat pasta, pizza and gelato; people are very fashionable; people are very loud and yell at each other; there's lots of soccer ; they're big into music; people use their hands when they speak.

These are commonplaces but only you can judge this, only by visiting Italy!

Autor: Media/Journalism club Turin - Part 1