Media/Journalism club Turin - Part 3

 School and book museum for children

The Museum was born on 2003, with the realization of a path of history of the school to approach today’s young people to the real and the imaginary of the primary school of the 1800s and the first of the 1900 s .The guided tours allow a direct knowledge, through the original materials exposed and the environments: the ”Courtyard for break”, “ The classroom of the time of Cuore”, the exhibition room “ School for smile” and “Children room”, the original rooms with antique furniture that reminds the educative institutions based in Palace Barolo, former laundry with subsidies dating back to the nineteenth century for the teaching of arithmetic and science, and again the room of the nursery school with furniture and froebelian games, the classroom of the first of the 1900s dedicated to the “neatly handwriting” and the stair of the school manifests. From the 2009 it’s possible also visiting exhibition with documents and original books dedicated to the book  Cuore  with editions and historical translations, original drawings and scholastics testimonials. There are interactive multimedia solutions in the exhibition that lead visitors through the different rooms, where there are computers and school desks dating back to the nineteenth century where you can sit to rework stimuli collected or to join the deacling  labs.

Since its origins the history of he Italian school system met the history of books for children. The project of the new preparation dedicated to the books began on December 2008. The target of the new route is letting know and exploit the heritage of publishing for guy linked to the city of Turin, turning point in diffusion of European great books for kids on the eight-ninth century. The preparation, organized for adult and school visits, includes the fantastic Library, exposition room and reconstruction dating back  to the 800 printing-publisher Eredi Botta waslocated in Barolo Palace.
Our class have played photographic documentation for the exposition m, here below we show you the our photo.

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