Media/Journalism club Turin - Part 2

Our ideal soundtrack

We listen to music 3 hours a day at least, because we like music very much, to us it represents a way to relax, not to think about our problems, to day-dream and pretend to be elsewhere. The kind of music we like best is pop, rock, hardtech, rap, metal, classic and folk. We listen to both Italian and English/American singers or bands, but we like Spanish music as well. It depends on the kind of music, our ideal soundtrack would be: “Gente che spera” (Pople who still hope), “Il cerchio della vita” (The circle of life), “Questo piccolo grande amore” (This little big love) and “Geordie”.
Here is a taste of our favourites with a translation in English. One of our preferred bands is the so-called “Article 31”. The front singer is J. AX (true name Alessandro Aleotti, Milano 5.8.1972) and Dj Jad (true name Luca Perrini, Bollate Mi 27.12.66) form the band .

Alessandro wrote rap lyrics, Luca was a Dj; they met in 1990 at a hip-hop party and they liked each other. Initially, they wanted to be called Articolo 41. This law is about the reasons why one couldn’t serve the Army because of mental disorder. Then, in a Turin pub, a university teacher suggested the name “Articolo 31” from the Irish law that is about freedom of speech.

Gente che spera                       People who stillhope

Che Ci Rende Saggi È Uno Tra I Vantaggi Di

Una Vita Imprecisa Ma Che Rifiuta Decisa

L'ingiustizia Come La Divisa Ragazzi Della

Crisi Dei Valori Riempiamo Diari Con Pensieri

Migliori Non Vogliamo Vinti O Vincitori Ma

Tempi Migliori Per Chiunque Ha Sofferto.

E Non Vogliamo Più Eroi Nessuna Bandiera

Ma Indovina Chi Vuole La Pace Stasera Noi,

Gente Che Spera Cercando Qualcosa Di Più

In Fondo Alla Sera alla Sera alla Sera alla Sera

Noi Gente Che Passa E Che Va, Cercando La

Felicità sopra sta terra sta terra sta terra.

Ai Miei Amici Esauriti Alle Notti Felici Di

Vizi Proibiti Realizzi Che Lo Stile È Quando

Siamo Uniti Solo Quando Stiamo Assieme

La Sturia È Visibile Passa Parola A Ogni

Persona Visibile Tutto Possibile Per Chi Non

Si Arrende E Difende Il Sogno Che Ha

Mentre Il Sole Che Scende Saluterà

We may be dreaming of going elsewhere all the time

but it’s just dreaming that makes us wise.

fights injustice like uniform or the crisis of

values. We fill in the diaries with better thoughts,

we don’t want any more losers or winners but 

better times for those who have suffered, and

we don’t want more heroes, no more flags but

guess who wants the peace tonight? We, the

people who still hope we’ll find something more

at the end of the evening. We, the people

who come and go looking for happiness

here and now. To my burn out friends, to the

happy nights of forbidden vices, you realize that

style is just when we are united, only when we

are together and being happy and young

all together is visible. Tell everybody

anything is possible for those who don’t

surrender and fight for the dream they are

dreaming. While the setting sun that is saying hello.

Geordie                                  Geordie

Mentre attraversavo London bridge                      As I crossed London Bridge a day without
Un giorno senza sole                                                sunshine I saw a woman weeping love crying
Vidi una donna pianger d’amore,                             for her Geordie. Geordie gallows with a rope
piangeva per il suo Geordie                                      gold is a rare privolege. Stole six deers in the 
Impiccheranno Geordie con una corda d'oro,       park of the king selling them for money.
è un privilegio raro.                                                   Save his lips, save his smile he isn’t yet twenty
Rubò sei cervi nel parco del re                                years will fall winter even on his face,
vendendoli per denaro.                                             you can then hang him.
Salvate le sue labbra, salvate il suo sorriso,          Neither the British heart nor the scepter of
non ha vent'anni ancora                                           the king will be able to save Geordie,
cadrà l'inverno anche sopra il suo viso,                  although they will mourn with you
potrete impiccarlo allora                                         the law cannot change.
Né il cuore degli inglesi né lo scettro del re
Geordie potran salvare,
anche se piangeran con te
la legge non può cambiare.
We chose this song because is one of the classics Italian music. The singer is De Andrè coming from the so-called “Scuola genovese” and he made the history of Italian authorial music. Many texts of his songs tell stories about the outcasts, rebels, prostitutes and people often marginalized by society, and are considered by some critics as genuine poetry, enough to be included in school anthologies.

The circle of life                                   Il cerchio della vita

From the day we arrive on the planet                          Un bel giorno ti accorgi che esisti             
And blinking, step into the sun                                    
che sei parte del mondo anche tu
There's more to be seen than can ever be seen        
non per tua volontà e ti chiedi chissà
More to do than can ever be done                              
siamo qui, per volere di chi...
Poi un raggio di sole ti abbraccia
In the circle of life                                                      
i tuoi occhi si tingon di blu
It's the wheel of fortune                                            
e ti basta così
It's the leap of faith                                                    
ogni dubbio va via
It's the band of hope                                                   
e i perché
Till we find our place                                                   
non esistono più
On the path unwinding                                                 
è una giostra che va
In the circle, the circle of life                                   
questa vita che
                                                                                        gira insieme a noi
Some of us fall by the wayside                                  
che non si ferma mai
And some of us soar to the stars                               
e ogni vita lo sa
And some of us sail through our troubles                  
che rinascerà
And some have to live with the scars
                          in un fiore
                                                                                         che fine non ha
We chose this song because is included in the soundtrack of “The Lion King” because it reminds us our childhood. In the Italian version, the song is sung by a famous Italian singer, Ivana Spagna.

Questo piccolo grande amore                                   The little big love

un piccolo grande amore                                                   a little big love
solo un piccolo grande amore                                           only a little big love
niente più di questo niente più!                                        nothing more than this nothing more!
mi manca da morire                                                            he lacks to me to die
quel suo piccolo grande amore                                         those its little one great love
adesso che saprei cosa dire                                              now that I would know what to say
adesso che saprei cosa fare                                             now that I would know what to make
adesso che voglio                                                               now that I want
un piccolo grande amore                                                   a little one big love

“Questo Piccolo Grande Amore” is one of the most famous songs of the Italian singer Claudio Baglioni. It’s a very sentimental and sad song: Baglioni tells, through these words, about two young lovers, who have loved each other for a long time ‘till the end of their story. All the sentences are full of regrets from the singer, who remember, with bitterness, the past in which he didn’t know what to say and do, but now he’s grown-up, he’s mature and she isn’t there, she isn’t by his side anymore. Baglioni stresses the importance of the first love.

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