"digital folder" of the IVG 4 Turin


Plan of communication within the group
With the other European partners, we will communicate:
1)      by e-mail
2)      by Skype
3)      by phone
In case one of the two contact persons is sick, the other takes over the leadership of the IVG.
Frequency of contacts with other European partners: about once a week, also more frequently according to needs.
In case of a dispute, when an agreement on something really can't be found, it's up to the contact persons, then to the supervisor (Ester Cerruti) to make a decision.
Once “international” materials are produced, it's up to the supervisor (Ester Cerruti) to load them onto the site.
Within our school, we will communicate:
1)      by direct contact
2)      by e-mail
It's a duty of the partner schools to load their own materials onto the Comenius site.
It's a duty of the contact persons to convene and chair meetings, to draw an agenda, to make a minute of the meeting and write the final report.
                                                           IVG 4 – TURIN
                                          COMMUNICATION INFO SHEET
School: Albe Steiner “succursale”, via Monginevro 293, Torino
Tel.: 0117707504
Contact person:
Stefano Zicari


 Supervisor: Ester Cerruti
“Albe Steiner”, via Monginevro 291
10141 Torino
Home: +39011386532
Mobile: +393389329630
School: +390110341225

Stefano Zicari, Riccardo Strano, Doriano Ventura, Angela Lospinoso, Angela Raffa, Gianmario Martoccia, Estefania Marengo, Daniele Grippo, Ilenia Caloiro, Chiara Anfuso, Camilla Cinus.


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