Motivation for this project

There has been long debate about the role of non-formal education in LLL. Most opinions emphasize its importance in increasing the students' motivation to a better inclusion in the main stream. In this respect it should become an important complementary part of each school educational offer. As our aim is to offer a well structured frame of national and European cooperation, it could become a model for other schools in own country, a good model of European value.
At present many European schools are confronted with problems such as: consequences of the economic recession, students' losing interest in the formal education, students' low self esteem and isolation, lack of motivation in attending school, temptation to join street groups with bad influence such as: violence, xenophobia, making drugs, etc.
We consider that including such students in extracurricular activities, along with motivated ones, will bring about positive changes in their attitude and in in their motivation of inclusion both in such activities and in formal education.
At the same time, as many of the partner schools are vocational, such activities will bring about a  broadening of options in job orientation and more flexibility in possible future conversion.

We have also in mind our students' growing awareness that they belong to a certain community in terms of values, environment, traditions, etc but, at the same time, to a broader European community, as European citizens. So, 'getting to know each other', finding common interests, discovering various other backgrounds, both through electronic and direct communication, can bring about benefic changes in the student's personal development.

Considering the variety of clubs and the flexibility of our project, we are convinced that many students and teachers will find attracting topics to join clubs. Moreover, each center will be able to expend in time, as a result of dissemination activities, impact of the end products, new ideas occurrence, both in the project period and beyond it.

The large network of European schools that cover most of Europe, including Turkey, gives opportunities to totally unexperienced, less experienced and pretty experienced schools to share and transfer educational experience, to join together a considerable number of students and staff with a view to valorize their own potential, to strengthen the European school links, to add value to the European teaching system which are priorities of the European Commission in the field of LLL and LLPs.

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