Summary of the project

"Free Minds, Open Hearts"
The idea of our project comes from the necessity of offering our students complementary extra curricular activities,  with a view to develop their various skills, to also give chances to 'unprivileged' students and to diminish exclusion, drop outs and lack of school appetite. Due to the importance of non-formal education, most schools may develop such activities but our aim is to offer a well structured frame of national and European cooperation.
Students, aged 14+, set up clubs, included in own school center, they cooperate and build up mini-projects with other
clubs, creating an European network
•  A Center may include sections, such as:
   1. Media / Journalismen Club
   2. Travel club
   3. Sport Club
   4. Eco lub
   5. Music Club
   6. Theatre and English Club
   7. Debate Club


• The unique points of our project are: variety of topics, flexibility and steady enlargement of the partners’ centers (number of clubs, students and teachers)

• The clubs encourage students to gain knowledge and understanding, to compare and evaluate  different countries,  growing awareness and developing social, economic, professional and linguistic skills.

• The results are presented, evaluated and disseminated both in partner schools and at partnership level.

• The various outcomes are included in the project web page
•  Students self evaluate the results of each club by a SWOT  analysis and present reports in common student center meetings at the end of school years and participate in joint evaluations.

Our project will have the chance to be permanently disseminated because, after the project end, the student centers will remain an important component of own schools and will be able to develop other types of European cooperation.


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