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Plan of communication within the group
With the other European partners, we will communicate:
1)      by e-mail
2)      by Skype
3)      by phone
In case one of the two contact persons is sick, the other takes over the leadership of the IVG.
Frequency of contacts with other European partners: about once a week, also more frequently according to needs.
In case of a dispute, when an agreement on something really can't be found, it's up to the contact persons, then to the supervisor (Concetta Silvestre) to make a decision.
Once “international” materials are produced, it's up to the supervisor (Concetta Silvestre) to load them onto the site.
Within our school, we will communicate:
1)      by direct contact
2)      by e-mail
It's a duty of the partner schools to load their own materials onto the Comenius site.
It's a duty of the contact persons to convene and chair meetings, to draw an agenda, to make a minute of the meeting and write the final report.

School: Albe Steiner “succursale”, via Monginevro 293, Torino
Tel.: +390117707504
Contact persons:
Valentina Degli Esposti
Francesca Magno
Supervisor: Alessandra Seita
“Albe Steiner”, via Monginevro 291
10141 Torino

School: +390110341225
e.mail: alseita@teletu.it
Students: Valentina Degli Esposti. Francesca Magno, Bruno Labalice, Niccolò Ricciardi, Simone Scalenghe, Marco DiDio, Simone, LoLicco.

 Planning of IVG2  2010-2011

Person in charge
Finished on
December 2010
Assigning tasks and surveys about living in Turin
 21st December
All students of IVG2 – in groups
10th January
January 2011
Collect and analyse materials + photos about Turin (Pdf and Illustrator)
31st January
Jacopo Zuffa 4G + Laura Tempesta (Photo&Video)
End of February
January 2011
Select materials and divide them according to topics
31st January
Concetta Silvestre + Jacopo Zuffa 4G
End of January
February 2011
Creation of the guide glossary – for specific terms
10th February
Students of IVG 2 Turin
End of February
February 2011
Decide materials suitable for the video about the Turin Guide
20th February
Students of IVG 2 + Concetta Silvestre
End of February
March 2011
Creation of the Turin Video Guide
10th March
Students of IVG 2 + Laura Tempesta (Photo&Video)
20th March
March 2011
Edit Final Version of the Video
20th March
All students of IVG2 + Laura Tempesta, Concetta Silvestre, Jacopo Zuffa 4G
End of March


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