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Dear all,

we are the 4A tga class from Pietro Giordani school in Parma, Italy. Our school is a vocational one and offers a great choice in courses and qualifications: tourism, social services, sport, accounting and book-keeping. Besides this, our school is an international one: the students have different origins, it has been reckoned that our schoolmates were born in 40 different countries! We recognize and respect our socio-cultural differences and we think that everybody can benefit from the diversity that characterizes our globalised reality.

Our class belongs to the “tga” course; “tga” stands for “tecnico della gestione aziendale”, i.e. book-keeping and finance administration. It is made up of two former classes: all together we are now about 30 students.  The subjects we study are Economics, Law, Maths, Italian, I.T. and English, of course. Maths is considered the most difficult subject by many of us, while Physical Education and I.T. are our favourite subjects; of course guess why! Economics is one of the most important subject for our class since next year we’ll take a school-leaving examination to get a diploma of business administration.

Our school takes part in a lot of projects. For example, the “T.A.S.T.E.” project allows students to spend one week a year in a European country. Another project is the “Comenius” one. Andrea, a student of our class, spent 3 months in Cognac (France) thanks to this project.

For Comenius Scena IVG 3, the target of our project is to improve our school environment. This year we want to start with the waste collection to promote the recycling and reconversion through the sorting of school waste.

We put colored litterbins in every classroom: the blue ones for paper, the yellow ones for plastic and cans, the brown ones for non recyclable waste. Some students from our group will do weekly checks to see if the collection is done correctly.

We look forward to hearing from you soon! We have a lot to tell you!

Bye for now.

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