Hello, everybody.
We are really glad to share  this new school adventure with you and we are very excited thinking about  this Project and the possibilities and surprises that it can bring  us.
We live in Santa Uxía de Ribeira or Santa Eugenia de Riveira . We can write the name in two languages due to the fact that we have two official languages: Spanish and Galego. The latter is  very close to Portuguese.
Ribeira is a small  village located on  the left top corner of Spain just at the Atlantic cost. The border with Portugal is just an hour and a half away from us by car.
An ecclesiastical tithe register dated on 1438 is the first document mentioning the city. Until the 17th century, Ribeira's port was of little importance on the region, partly due to several incursions of Vikings , Saracens and even pirates fom the 11th to 18th centuries. Nevertheless, it grew constantly to become one of Galicia's most important fishing ports towards the late 18th century. At that time businessmen of Catalonia settled in Ribeira and created a successful salting fish industry. King Alfonso XIII granted Ribeira the title of City on 1906.
Economically, Ribeira (or Riveira) is very dependent on the sea and it constitutes one of the most important shallow-water fishing ports in Spain. Cultivation of mussels and turbots represents an important source of income and many varieties of fish and shellfish are auctioned every day. in the market .  The town also has splendid expectations facing the increase of tourism.
The population reaches 28,000 inhabitants, nearly 14,000 residing in Santa Uxía, main urban nucleus and parish. There is a significant number of people settled abroad, mainly in USA.
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Our best and kind regards to everybody!


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