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Our Eco Club is called "Friends of Green". It is formed by students and teachers who are committed to protecting the environment. We have been participating in many different activities such as: recycling campaigns, experimental activities, programmes in which we exchange incandescent light bulbs for energy-efficient bulbs, at school. Outside school, we do trekking activities in certain mountains of the Northern region of Portugal; we also participate in national activities like:"Limpar Portugal" (Clean Portugal), summer activities (Verão Prosepe), among others.

This club belongs to ABAE, which is an association that awards the blue flags to our beaches, and is partner of the Foundation For Environmental Education.
At the beginning of each school year the activities plan is published as well as the week timetable of the club.
All the activities are important, but the basis of all the work is a week meeting in which students are occupied planning, working and deepening different subjects related to sustainable development. On those meetings open dialogue and the sharing of ideas are always present so that we may create conscious citizens as far as environmental issues are concerned.

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