Students participating in the project SCENA

There are 6 classes involved in the project at Albe Steiner school. Sometimes the whole class takes part in it, sometimes not. 5 classes belong to the "succursale" (a branch situated in the south-west of the city) and only one (4FO) belongs to "Franco Balbis" institute, a branch in the city centre. Here are the names of the "speakers" for each group:

Media club:
3G: Silvia Cerino
4G: Francesca Magno
Travel club:
3F: Silvia Cigliola
4G: Jacopo Zuffa
4F: Jessica Salvi
4H: Giorgia Riso; Elena Panetta
4FO: Chloe Lo Surdo
Eco club:
4H: Mattia Moretto; Davide Sieve
Music club:
4F: Riccardo Strano (there are 8 people altogether from 3G, 4G, speaker is enough!)


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