Hello from 2D in Parma

Hello to all students taking part into this IVG2

We are class 2D of the Istituto Professionale Pietro Giordani in Parma, Italy.There are 22 students in our group and it's quite a heterogeneous class, in fact some people are very interested in learning, others don't like school very much and find it difficult to study.

Most of us don't live in the city, in fact we come from the villages around it and have to travel quite a few miles to get to school. We are many different nationalities: Moroccan, Indian, Albanian, Peruvian, Rumenian, Dominican, Ukrainian.

We study different subjects: Italian, French, English, Maths, RE, PE, ICT, Law, but our main focus this year is on Economics and Business.

From the 3rd year on we will  specialize on tourism techniques and at the end of our course, that is in year 5th, we will take our diploma as tourism operator. We will also have the  possibility to carry on with our studies and go to University.

We like travelling and meeting from other countries a lot.

We think that this is a great opportunity for us to making contacts with foreign students and know the reality of other European  countries better.


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