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IVG 3 Eco Club Munich

Munich, 15th of December 2010


Hello dear students of all participating countries in SCENA!

Welcome to founding a common Eco Club!


We are the class 11 F of the Robert-Bosch Fachoberschule in Munich, with 18 pupils, aged between 16 and 19 years. This provides a mix of many different interests and makes it special to come to school.


As we are 11-graders this school year we always have to change between weeks of lessons at school and terms of practical training at business companies. We just now are working at our companies, but next week on Tuesday, 21st of December we will meet at school in the afternoon to start working on our Eco Club topic – we just had a first general information by our teacher on SCENA over a week ago .


But first please notice at what kind of school we are: Our school is a college of further education. We have our main focus on economics and business. But of course we also have other subjects like: German, English, French (volunteer based), Maths, Technology, History, Religious Education and social studies. After the final exams we have the possibility to study at universities for applied sciences. With an optional year and class you can get the further qualification in order to study at any university.


Our group leaders are: Vanesa Rösing and Marija Stanic. Please also find enclosed a picture of our class!


To contact us please use our following E-Mail-address:

Vanesa and Marija will answer you and keep contact between our schools.


When we had learnt to know about SCENA and the different ideas of clubs we had a first brainstorming and decided that an Eco Club could be very interesting! Thanks to the idea of the Portuguese school in Lousada!


The first ideas of our brainstorming were to combine Ecology and Health – not only in theory, but also how these concerns could be realized in our daily lives. So our idea is to work out a vision resp. a model for an ecological and healthy school of the future with whole-day classes. We are very much concerned in this matter because our school building has become too small for all of our students and a new building will have to be built in the near future! So we should participate in creating ideas for a new architecture and planning of a school in the future. Perhaps at the end of our project we even can tell our Munich politicians what is necessary for a future school to support students’ health and protection of the environment from our point of view.


Now our class 11 F intends to work on different fields of action:


These are our first ideas. We are very excited to work out a concept like this and we would appreciate it very much if all of you could support us – please let us also know what your ideas are and how we can come together virtually in a common Eco club! If you have ideas and interests in other directions please don’t hesitate to tell us!



So now next week we will send you some more information about us!


We are already looking forward to cooperating with you very much!


Best wishes and have a good time from all of us!!



Vanesa Rösing & Marija Stanic

Speakers of Class 11 F

Robert-Bosch-Fachoberschule, Munich



My first Time!

Hello guys ! I am António Pedro, I am from lousada (Portugal)and I am very excited to work with you.
Now we are collecting household appliances because our project at school is «Escola Electrão» which means that we want to clean our houses from old useless appliances.
I hope to be with you in a video conference soon.

what about a skype conference?

Hi guys,  we are the 4H class of Steiner school from Turin; we would like to have a video conference with you, using skype. What do you think about? We could choose some ideas and  take the chance to share them.

Pls let us know your thoughts



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