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Noordgouw College Heerde Introduction

Hello students and teachers in Europe, Hereby the introduction of the Noordgouw College in the Netherlands. We hope you enjoy our input and we are looking forward to meet you.



Presentation of the Albe Steiner school from Torino

We are proud to present the presentation of the school located in Turin.

Below the download link to get a little impression of the school:



staedt. Robert-Bosch-Fachoberschule für Wirtschaft, Verwaltung und Rechtspflege




Students participating in the project SCENA

There are 6 classes involved in the project at Albe Steiner school. Sometimes the whole class takes part in it, sometimes not. 5 classes belong to the "succursale" (a branch situated in the south-west of the city) and only one (4FO) belongs to "Franco Balbis" institute, a branch in the city centre. Here are the names of the "speakers" for each group:

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