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Maths club – mobility to Ribeira from 26 to 29 May


IVG 7 (Maths club)  – mobility to Ribeira from 26 to 29  May



Students from Lousada and Ribeira had lots of fun together, as you can see from the photos: CO7x9rSxg_KGBQ&feat=email



Pictures and sounds from Turin about Lousada experience




This video contents WMG. WMG is not available in all countries of our partnership.

But you can play the video:


      Open the video converter:

                 1. => Convert by URL  => AVI Video (.avi)


                 2. => Video page link:

                 3. => Convert

Now you can enjoy the great Video from Turin!

Motivation for the project

Presentation about the motivation. When Mr. Bakker first told us about the SCENA project, we were curious and immediately interested. It sounded like a fun and education project. After a few times when Mr. Bakker explained us what the content of SCENA is and told us more and more of the possibilities what we were going to do ( like having a debate trough skype ) we were certain we wanted to be a part of the SCENA project! When we began for the first time, we started to make theses for debate .

The voice of Holland

Wow can we come back! Sitting at school, thinking back at the great time we had in Portugal. We can conclude that we have a lot of wonderful memories. We knew it was going to be fun but we never expected that it was going to be as awesome as it was. It was so much fun to meet all the people from the different countries and schools and spent time with them. For us these days were a great experience. We think every student should get this chance because we learned a of it.

"As Italians are seen abroad"

As Italians are seen abroad

Skype Video Conference

On thursday the 10th of march we had our first debate by Skype between Heerde, Parma and Canakkale. Look at the attachment for more info.


Thu, 03/03/2011 - 14:00 - 15:30

Videoconference: Meet and greet.

Debating on theses between students

Hello we are Lineke and Thijs

Open the attachment and find the introduction of two of our students. Thijs and Lineke are responsible for the website. Enjoy and take care!

Welcome to our school in Poland!!!!!!!


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