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Albe STEINER Institute

School of Graphics and Advertising in Turin

There are about a hundred teachers and a thousand students.It has three schools: the main branch, situated near the city center and two other branches, one in the city center and the other in the suburbs....

Meeting in Ribeira: farewell to S.C.E.N.A. Comenius- by Steiner School of Turin


On our way to Turin we had 5 hours to spend at the airport of Santiago de Compostela. Supported by our teachers and by a cup of black coffee, we started to think of our beautiful days in Spain and this is what we wrote, in diary form.........(read the attachment)



Thanks to all our SCENA partners

The school year is almost over here in Italy, so the end of this great european project is near.

TRAVEL CLUB - "An International cook book".... Recipes from Parma (Italy)




Ribeira Meeting april 2012


Italian popular gestures

Here is a power point about how Italian say things through their hands and body language in different cultures.


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